Jason Lowery

Jason got introduced to craft beer back in 2004 and has been intrigued by all the the unique flavors that light beers never had. Although it took some visits to a few breweries and some persuasion, Jason finally took the plunge. Lucky for Jason, he had some connection with pro brewers over in Cleveland that invited him over for a brew day and after that, he never looked back!

Just after 5 months of brewing, he entered a local homebrew competition and came in second place with an all Citra hopped NEIPA. This win gave him the opportunity to ramp up the recipe and brew with a local brewery for them to have on tap. Whatta a fun experience!!

The brewer started Steele City Brewing in 2019 with the vision of community in mind. "What amazes me is how something as simple a liquid can bring a community from all walks of life together‚ÄĚ, says the brewer.

Be sure to check out Steele City Brewing on social. Cheers!



Snake Eyes

13Gallon BIAB recipe to account for losses from dumping cone and dryhops. Finishes with 10G of product.
Grains :
28lbs .9oz Weyerman Pilsner Malt
4lbs 2oz Briess Flaked Oats
4lbs 2oz Flaked Wheat
3lb 4.8oz White Wheat
1lb 10.4oz Carapils
Hops :
.75oz CTZ in mash
1.01oz CTZ 90min
.45oz Galaxy Boil 10min
.45oz Nelson Sauvin 10min
.45oz Rakau 10min
2.66oz Galaxy 30min whirlpool - 204 degrees
2.66oz Rakau 30min whirlpool - 204 degrees
2.66oz Nelson Sauvin 30min whirlpool - 204 degrees
2.66oz Galaxy 1st Dryhop
2.66oz Rakau 1st Dryhop
2.66oz Nelson Sauvin 1st Dryhop
7.66oz Rakau 2nd Dryhop
6.66oz Nelson Sauvin 2nd Dryhop
5.66oz Galaxy 2nd Dryhop
Yeast :
Wyeast 1318 (yeast starter) 645billion cells
Mash :
Mash at 151 degrees F for 60 minutes
Mash out at 167 degrees F for 10 minutes
Boil :
Boil 90 Minutes
Add 3.3lbs of dextrose at 30 min
Fermentation :
Ferment at 69 degrees F and raise to 71 degrees F for D-rest
Day 7 - 1st dry hop on top of yeast
Day 14 - Dump cone, soft crash to 58 then 2nd dryhop.
Day 18 - Crash
Day 19 - Dump hop material and start force carving
Day 20 - Stop force carb and let sit
Day 21 - Package
Water profile :
Calcium 125ppm
Magnesium 19ppm
Sodium 3ppm
Sulfate 75ppm
Chloride 175ppm
Bicarbonate 147ppm
Mash pH 5.2 (use lactic acid)
OG : 1.070
FG : 1.012
33.7 IBUs (I don't account for whirlpool IBUs)

I just can't get enough of YVH consistency! Not only just the customer service, super fast shipping, and hop selection......Yakima Valley Hops just always has the passion and products that I desire. I want quality products in my beers, and I never have to worry about getting less than that from YVH.

- Jason Lowery

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