Increase brewhouse efficiency, from kettle to whirlpool.
FLEX® brings consistent and quality bitterness in the boil.
INCOGNITO® delivers powerful aroma and flavor in the whirlpool.
It's a match made in brewer's heaven.


All-natural bittering, made simple.

While created using sophisticated technology, FLEX is made of 100% pure lupulin components in their native form.

Unlike CO2 extracts, a proprietary processing technology makes FLEX flowable at room temperature, making it easy to measure and dose.

No pellets means no wort loss.

Experience pure, concentrated hops naturally without adding vegetal matter in your boil. Plus, spend more time enjoying your beer with reduced clean-up time.

FLEX contains approximately 65% alpha acids and provides greater efficiency in shipping and storage, with its more than 75% reduction in product weight compared to standard T-90 pellets.

Available for wholesale in 2kg wide-mouth jugs.
Stable for at least 18 months, even if opened.


Nail that aroma and flavor, time after time.

INCOGNITO gives you the same full-spectrum aroma and flavor as traditional pellets, but without the wort loss and clean-up. Plus, save on shipping and storage costs.


Flowable at room temperature, so you're ready to dose your whirlpool quickly and easily.

100% hops, zero vegetative material

INCOGNITO is made of pure hops, so it blends well with FLEX, pellets, or whole hops for complex flavors.


Variety-specific and true-to-type flavors, all without the vegetative material, clean up and waste.

Available in Citra®, Sabro™, Mosaic™, and HBC 472
in two sizes to choose from.


"Every single beer brewed at Oskar Blues is brewed with FLEX in the bittering addition. It's enhanced the flavor profiles... and improved stability."

-Tim Matthews, head brewer,

Oskar Blues Brewery

"Mosaic INCOGNITO helped our yield and aroma drastically on the hot side. More dank than berry, but very pleasant."

-Mark J.,

"I think INCOGNITO will change the way people brew."

-Dave Colt, co-founder & head brewer,

Sun King Brewing