New Hop Spotlight 2020

New Hop Spotlight 2020

New Hop Spotlight 2020 - [4 Minute Read]

New hop varieties are always being released, so sometimes it can be difficult to know which new varieties are the real deal. Looking at the 2020 hop crop there are a bunch of new names and some that are just starting to get their time in the spotlight. Here are our top three picks of new hop varieties that will be sure to offer you new aromas, bolder flavors, and be fun to incorporate into your next recipe.

1. Talus™ (Previously Named HBC-692)
+ Powerful Character
+ Proven Pedigree
+ Plays Well with Others

Talus™ is the newest hop variety to be released by the Hop Breeding Company (HBC). HBC are the fine folks who are also responsible for releasing other superstar varieties like Citra®, Mosaic®, and Sabro®. In fact, Talus™ is the daughter of Sabro® and is the result of open pollination. Talus hops carry some of the same neomexicanus character as their mother, but they play more in the background and can display as soft roses and pine resin. The main characteristic of Talus hops are the big fruit flavors. Tropical fruits are the headliner here with some brewers describing a bright star fruit flavor. Pink grapefruit and zesty citrus show up as well, making Talus one of the most refreshing varieties around.

Talus hops are also very potent and total oils usually weigh in over 2.0 ml/100g. Geraniol, Farnesene, and Linalool are also present, making Talus a prime candidate for dry-hopping if you’re targeting certain biotransformation compounds.

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2. Triumph
+ Bright Lime
+ Delicate and Balanced
+ Lager Lover

Triumph hops are the recent release from the USDA public hop breeding program. The variety Triumph has been almost two decades in the making and was commercially released in 2019, but it is looking like this will be Triumph’s breakout year. Triumph has found a special place in many brewer’s hearts because it is bright and delicate enough to perform perfectly in lagers and pilsners, which have seen a recent resurgence in popularity and demand. And while Triumph will proudly wear the title of lager hop, it is still well-rounded enough to fit into many styles.

This fall, a couple brewers selected 2020 Triumph at CLS Farms and here are some of the most commonly used descriptors: Lime/lemon, juicy fruit, fruit punch, delicate, berry and currant, and pleasant. The most common comment was that Triumph would be perfect for lighter malt styles like lagers, pilsners, or pale ales. Triumph does display in a very fruit-forward manner, but is more subtle and well-balanced instead of being bold, brash, and in your face.

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3. Adeena™ (Previously ADHA-1940)
+ New World Noble
+ Light and Lovely
+ Lager Lover

Adeena™ is the brand-new hop variety from the American Dwarf Hop Association. Adeena was just named and commercially released, but there have been some breweries already playing with it while under its previous name of ADHA-1940. Adeena is a very mellow and breezy hop that has been described as a new world noble variety. It is an excellent replacement for Hallertau Mittelfrüh, Czech Saaz, and Styrian Golding, and has brewed up some exceptional lagers/pilsners. Adeena’s alpha acids usually weigh in under 5.0%, making it perfect for traditional pilsners, but Adeena also offers some light lemon and pine notes that work well in pale ales and IPAs.

Not only do brewers love Adeena for its smooth bitterness and clean finish, but farmers also love it for its exceptional vigor, yield, and disease resistance. Total oils tend to clock in around 1.0 ml/100g, making it light and delicate, but Farnesene can make up between 5-7% of the total oils and contributing that floral, woody, and spicy character so highly sought after in noble hops.

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Have you had the chance to brew with any of these varieties yet? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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