Brewery Spotlight: Single Hill Brewing Co.

Brewery Spotlight: Single Hill Brewing Co.

Welcome to Yakima Valley Hop's Brewer's Spotlight!
A series from Yakima Valley Hops, featuring a new brewery monthly.

Our June Spotlight is with the creative minds behind Single Hill Brewing Co.
Ty Paxton & Zach Turner
Written by Katelyn Crutcher, Customer Service Representative
Interview by Jeremy McLaughlin, Wholesale Account Manager
 at Yakima Valley Hops. 

Since 2018, Single Hill Brewing has taken up real estate on a corner of Naches Avenue in downtown Yakima. They lit up the block immediately with their signature Single Hill Blue motif. Just three years later, they have lit up the valley with their dedication to making unique beer and creating a positive lasting effect on the community around them.  

Here at Yakima Valley Hops, we can't get enough of Single Hill. We gather there, unwind there, and even hold our INCLUSIVE marketing meetings there from time to time. They pour their flagships daily: a citrusy Sightglass Hazy Pale; Eastside IPA brewed with fresh from the source ChinookMosaicSimcoe; and the ever-refreshing Cerveza Blonde Ale featuring Centennial. You can find one of many friendly faces pouring ciders, seltzers, and even wine--a little bit of everything for everyone! Can't find a babysitter? Check out the kid's corner, and as long as your dog is friendly, they're dog friendly. Food? No hungry hophead left behind. They have a food truck every day with varied options. Merch? They keep it fresh with new (soft!) products all the time.

June is PRIDE month. It is a time to focus on promoting increased visibility and lessening the social stigma of the LGBTQ+ community. Single Hill considers themselves partners in this endeavor, and so do we! So much so that we invited them to pour their INCLUSIVE brew 'Today is Tomorrow' in our own PRIDE event. Along with many other local vendors, they helped us raise over $2,500 to donate to the local Yakima Pride Organization and The Space--a safe haven for LGBTQ+ 12-24-year-olds who have nowhere else to turn. 
Without further ado, let's dig in and see just why Single Hill is COMING OUT as a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. Jeremy had a conversation with Andrew, Single Hill's Brewery Hype Manager, and this is what we learned: 

What does being an ALLY mean to Single Hill as a local company?

"Single Hill, from the beginning, has always been just as focused on our community as we are on beer. We strive to make our taproom an INCLUSIVE place, where everyone is invited, and anyone can feel comfortable. To us, being an ally is a responsibility to consider the social costs and benefits of our actions and make sure that we're taking care of the members of our community who need support."

"It would be very easy to remain quiet. If we're not standing up for what we believe in, how can we expect anyone else to? Our doors remain open for all walks of life, and we hope and expect people to feel SAFE and WELCOME."

As consumers, we know what you look like on the outside, but tell us what being an ALLY means inside the workplace?
"At Single Hill, we invite coworkers to the table to discuss what we as a company should be doing. Having an INCLUSIVE culture - one that fosters forward-thinking and community growth - is an essential part of the Single Hill landscape. As we grow, we've been placing special attention on our hiring, striving to better represent the diversity of our community."

What is Single Hill doing right now to support the local QUEER community, and what are your plans in the future to continue to support LGBTQ+?

"So far this year, during the pandemic, we've placed our focus on donations to non-profits that we believe in and supporting events in the community the best we can. As we begin to see post-pandemic movement and businesses opening back up to capacity, I'm sure we will be having multiple on-site events in our taproom for fundraising, volunteer outreach, and issue-awareness."

Tell us about your PRIDE Beer "Tomorrow is Today"--

"We actually debuted this beer last year in May, but the decision to bring it back this June was definitely influenced by our desire to show our support during PRIDE. We also placed emphasis on the design of the can art to lend itself to the LGBTQ+ community. We see Tomorrow is Today as a metaphor for making the most out of life and being confident in who you are and who you love. We used MosaicLoral, and Ekuanot for a RAINBOW of refreshing fruit flavors and aromas." 

We asked a handful of the members of the Single Hill family if they were able to come back for a 2nd life as a Queer Icon, who would it be and why?
Andrew- Freddy Mercury. Wait...David Bowie. Who wouldn't want to be Ziggy Stardust?
Tristan- Ru Paul. Without her, I don't know if I would have ever discovered how much I love drag. And I LOVE drag.
Ty - Freddy mercury or David Bowie!
Tee- Billy Porter, because he's just like everything. Look him up!
Drew- David Bowie

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