Niko Cuckovic

Niko's beer horizon opened up like never before when his wife took him on a surprise a trip to Belgium. He began to really appreciate beer for more than its taste. After his trip, he started to really dive into researching brewing information and thats how he ended up here! He quickly began acquiring brewing equipment, buying barley, hops, and yeast, studying chemistry and learning everything he possibly could about the process. This is how we got the pleasure to know Niko!  

Even though Niko is alll the way from Croatia, it has never stopped him from reaching out to YVH for hops, collaborations, and everything fun in between.  

The brewer loves to network and and support his community! His last project was "The Circus Hoppy Carnivale" which included Pulfer Brewery (Croatia), Lobik Brewery (Slovenia), Dogma Brewery (Serbia)!

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Hoppy Makes Zombie Dance

"Hoppy Makes Zombie Dance"
American Ipa
All grain 5 gal. batch
abv - 7%
IBU - 50
OG - 1.065 - FG 1.012
Mash at 150°F
Simpsons Malt - Low Color Maris Otter - 7 Ibs
Weyermann - Pilsner - 7 Ibs
Simpsons Dextrin Malt - 14 oz
Citra - 60 min - 2 oz
Incognito Citra - 1 us fl oz - Whirpool 25 min at 176°F
Strata - 5 oz - Whirpool 25 min at 176°F
Dry Hop 1
Citra - 4 oz for two days, temp 57°F
Dry Hop 2
Strata - 6 oz for two more days, temp 57°F
(total dry hop contact 4 days then Cold Crush for 7 days)
Safala 05 or (other clean neutra yeast)


I wouldn't be here if wasn't for YVH, I mean I wouldn't be doing crazy collaborations "The Circus Hoppy Carnivale" this year with biggest breweries around my country and neighboring counties if it wasn't for new hops like Medusa, Bru-1 and Strata that I've been using as a homebrewer. And now having the opportunity to brew bigger batches for a bigger audience.

- Niko Cuckovic

Favorite Hops

BRU-1 T-90 Hops
Citra Hop Pellets T-90
Incognito Hop Extract